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El Primo y la Prima began 20 years ago, When Mr. José Halum moved to West Palm Beach and began selling in the street where there was many Mexicans that called him “Primo”. He opened the store called El Primo in the Flea Market of Congress Ave between Forest Hill and Summit in the year 1990. Where he lasted 3 years and then moved to the square of the Summit and Congress, where he lasted another 3 years with his store El Primo. In 1996 the business closed and moved to Louisiana and then moved to Arizona where he married Mrs. Fatima and moved back to West Palm Beach. In the year 2000 they opened the store with the name of El Primo Y la Prima, which was initially selling clothes located on Congress Ave. and 10th Ave.

Mrs. Fatima had furniture business for over 30 years and convinced Mr. Halum to change the store to sell only furniture in 2008. At the same time opened El Primo and La Prima clothes over at Lantana and Congress Ave. Currently have two stores El Primo y La Prima, a furniture store and Clothing where they deal with all types of clientele, from Haitian, Americans, Hispanics, African Americans and others. We like the competition so we can give better prices for our customers to benefit them.

The honesty, with which we sell, marks the difference with other furniture stores. As well as the trust created by the client and the love with which we do our job, which makes us the best customer service in West Palm Beach. Our goal is to keep growing, working hard and honestly, thanking our clients for their Faithful support; we look forward to open more stores in Palm Beach County and from there on.

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